Note: Rurik base game, expansion, and playmat are sold out. But some retailers may still have copies (click here for list).

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev - Metal Coins

Extremely limited quantities! 36 custom metal coins for Rurik. Modeled after real coins from Kievan Rus. 22 mm diameter, 2 mm thick. (Ships from US.)

Rurik: Stone & Blade

Kickstarter limited expansion for Rurik: Dawn of Kiev, including all stretch goals.

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev - Kickstarter Edition

Retail Edition + Player Trays + Intrigue Cards.

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev - Player Trays

4 sets of trays to hold each player's pieces. Included in Kickstarter edition. (Ships from US.)

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev - Intrigue Cards

11 card mini-expansion to increase gameplay variety. Included in Kickstarter edition.

[SALE] Gearworks - Retail Edition

Sudoku meets steampunk in a visually stunning card game for 1-4 players.

[SALE] Gearworks - Deluxe Edition

Retail Edition + Box sleeve, plastic tray, wooden gear tokens, & 3 more Contraption cards.

Gearworks - Playmat

Enhance your gameplay with this gorgeous playmat. 24" x 20" neoprene playmat (2 mm thick).

Gearworks - Wood Gears

Premium 5 mm thick wooden gear tokens (printed in color). Included in Deluxe Edition.

Flag Dash

Plan actions secretly, outwit your opponents, and capture the flag in this 30-minute board game for 2-4 players.

[SALE] Flag Dash: Deluxe Upgrade Pack

Limited Mini-Expansion for Flag Dash that adds 4 fun characters and wooden piece upgrades.