Rurik: Dawn of Kiev

Coming to Kickstarter mid 2018

Near final box cover of Rurik, illustrated by Finn McAvinchey.

2-4 Players
30 Minutes per Player
Ages 13+

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The land of Kievan Rus' is in turmoil following the death of the renowned Vladimir the Great in 1015. The people need a capable ruler to inspire and lead them and Vladimir’s children are embroiled in a fierce power struggle for the right to rule as the next Grand Prince or Princess of Kiev.

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev is a 4X medieval realm building euro-style board game featuring auction programming, resource management, and area control set in an 11th century Eastern European kingdom. You play as one of several potential heirs to the throne, and although deploying your troops for warfare seems to be the easiest path for success, the people value a ruler who leads well in a variety of endeavors. Win over the hearts of the people and prove your worth. Establish your legacy by constructing buildings and performing great deeds or pursue your own agenda by ruling large areas of land and collecting tribute. Only then will you earn the right to rule Kievan Rus’ as the Grand Prince(ss)!

In Rurik, players plan their actions openly by determining how much influence to exert for them. You can spend more influence on an action to reap greater benefits at the cost of performing that action later than other players. Conversely, you can spend less influence on an action for lesser benefits but perform that action quickly. This planning mechanism ("auction programming") adds tension and strategic depth beyond the typical action-selection in other euro-style area control games. No two games of Rurik are alike due to a variety of prince(ss) powers, household abilities, hidden agendas, and additional scenarios.

Playtest in First Exposure Playtest Hall at Gen Con 50 (prototype art & components).


Mar 5, 2018: Beta testing starts.
Feb 2, 2018: 3D modeling started.
Jan 21, 2018: Character art started.
Nov 3-5, 2017: GameHoleCon - demoing.
Aug 16-20, 2017: Gen Con 50 - demoing and playtesting.
Aug 10, 2017: Completed box cover illustration.
Jul 2017: Playtesting & development continues.
Jun 19, 2017: Started box cover illustration.
Jun 14-18, 2017: Demoing and playtesting at Origins.
May 29, 2017: Finalized game name.
May 22, 2017: Signed game from Stan.
Apr - May 2017: Playtesting & development prior to signing game.
2015 - 2017: Initial game concept & playtesting by designer Stan Kordonskiy.