Gearworks game box cover


Sudoku meets steampunk!

Gearworks is a puzzle-style board game featuring card placement, hand management, and a "twist" on area control.

Strategically position your gears to fix a mysterious clockwork machine in the corner of the workshop.

  1-4 Players  |    30-45 Min  |   Ages 10+

Play Your Cards Right

Your task is simple - play gear cards into the grid to fix the broken machine based on 2 rules: each column may only have 1 card per color and each row must have cards in ascending or descending order.

If you play the last card in a column or row, you will earn parts to build your contraptions! Easy enough? Oh right, your rival machinists may have something to say about that...

Gearworks game in progress

Build Fantastical Contraptions

Use the parts you earn to contruct awesome machines! Gearworks features twenty five contraption cards with beautiful and unique artwork.

Gearworks contraption cards layered on top of each other

Compelling Solo Mode

The Leviathan is your prized mechanical creation. You built it, hoping to impress the workshop owner and reclaim the title of Master Tinkerer once again. But now the machine has taken on a mind of its own...

Gearworks solo mode components displayed

Enhance Your Experience

Consider purchasing the beautiful playmat (although not required). You will save time as the playmat outlines where to place pieces during setup and play your cards during the game.

Gearworks playmat rolled and displayed with its box

Upgrade to Deluxe Edition

Take your gameplay to another level with premium 5 mm thick wooden gear tokens (printed in color)! You will feel the difference with each turn!

The Deluxe edition also includes:

  • 3 contraption cards
  • plastic tray that fits sleeved cards
  • decorative box sleeve
Gearworks deluxe wooden gear tokens

How to Play

Designer: Kirk Dennison
SKU [Retail Edition]: PKR1200
UPC [Retail Edition]: 602573585979
Components [Retail Edition]:
45 Gear Cards, 25 Contraption Cards, 4 Tinkerer Cards, 4 Reference Cards, 1 Solo Boss Card, 1 Solo Reference Card, 20 Wooden Sparks, 9 Cardboard Gear Tokens, 27 Parts Tokens & 1 Rulebook

SKU [Deluxe Edition]: PKR1201
UPC [Deluxe Edition]: 672975167974
Components [Deluxe Edition]:
Everything in Retail Edition + 9 Wooden Gear Tokens, 3 more Contraption Cards, 1 Plastic Tray (that holds sleeved cards), 1 decorative Box Sleeve