Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast Reviews Flag Dash

Steve Spang of the Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast talked about Flag Dash on their latest podcast. Check it out!

Click to listen to the podcast! (Flag Dash at 22:20)

Highlights from Steve:
  • "Fun game, plays quickly"
  • "love [movement programming] in a game"
  • "Perfect for playing [at a coffee shop]"
  • "Very interesting balance on what actions you take."
  • The segment for Flag Dash starts 22 minutes, 20 seconds into the podcast.

Story Board Reviews Flag Dash

Angelus Morningstar from Story Board posted a great blog review of Flag Dash. Check it out! I (Kirk) had the privilege of meeting Angelus at GAMA in March.

Click to read Angelus' review!
Highlights from Angelus:
  • "this is my programmable game of choice"
  • "I also love the characters presented in this game. The artwork is jovial and friendly, but the character identities are charming too. I particularly love that ‘crazy cat lady’ is a viable option, and she is clearly throwing her cats at other players to drive them off as a player power. That is beautifully novel."
  • "[compared with other programmable games] you have a reasonable amount of reflexive adaptability... [that provides] agency over the game as it unfolds."

Meeple Talk Reviews Flag Dash

Adam and Stephanie from Meeple Talk posted a great video review of Flag Dash. Check it out!

Click to watch Adam and Stephanie's review!
  • "Really great little game."
  • "If you like strategy, you're really going to like this game, because it's all strategy."
  • "Excels as a really small game that you can play quickly at any time.
  • Portable & good for taking on family trips, or when limited for space in public areas.
  • "Rules are simple, not a complex game, and it is something that people of varying abilities can just dive into and go."

The Long View Reviews Flag Dash

Geof Gambill of The Long View posted a fun podcast review of Flag Dash, featuring Elhannan Lloyd Keller. Flag Dash starts at 26:30. Consider subscribing to The Long View podcast.

Click to listen to The Long View episode (Flag Dash starts at 26:30).
  • "It's definitely a unique theme, good family game, great quality for a first design and first publication from PieceKeeper Games... I really thought it was very well done, very well produced, and a really fun family title."
  • "the more I played it, the more I liked it."
  • "It's a lot of fun. It's a quick game. It's very easy to learn."
  • "I definitely enjoyed it. I liked the way the characters are all slightly different and balanced well enough."

Man vs Meeple Reviews Flag Dash

Jeremy Salinas & David Waybright posted a terrific review video of Flag Dash today. Consider subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Click image to watch Jeremy & David discuss Flag Dash!
Jeremy: "I love the aspect that there is no luck in this game. It's purely strategic, it's purely tactical. There is a huge amount of strategic choices that you're making on your turn - which card to play, which priority to play it, and which character to activate with those two combination of components."

David: "Lots of extra little layers of strategy there with tokens and special abilities... It's a nice tight, little, quick game... Both the artwork and all of the elements in here are really nicely done."

Tom Vasel Reviews Flag Dash

Click image to watch Tom Vasel review Flag Dash!
Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower posted his review of Flag Dash today - it earned his Seal of Approval! You can watch the full video on YouTube.

Highlights from Tom:
  • "the gameplay I was very, very pleased with"
  • "If you like capture the flag or... programming style games, [Flag Dash] is one that I would recommend."


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