Wooden Train Giveaway

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended and the winner is... Oscar Perez from Colton, California! Thank you all who participated and keep an eye out for more giveaways in the future!

We just reached 1,000 followers on Twitter! To celebrate this arbitrary occasion, we are giving away a very unique prize!

Have you ever played Ticket to Ride with purple or orange trains?
PieceKeeper Games Wooden Train Giveaway

PieceKeeper Games is not affiliated with Asmodee, Days of Wonder, or Ticket to Ride.

For more information about our Wooden Train Replacement sets and other products we carry, please visit our online store here.

New Deluxe Wooden Pieces

We are pleased to introduce some fun deluxe wooden pieces you can purchase to upgrade your favorite board games! Have a train game with small trains? Our hefty trains will do the trick. Tired of basic cubes for energy or other resources? Look no further than our lightning bolts. Contact us for bulk pricing.

Chugga chugga choo choose from 8 colors of trains!
Electrify your board games with these lightning bits in 5 colors!


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