Gen Con Demos & Giveaways

If you will be at Gen Con, we'd love to see you and give you a little gift! We'll primarily be in two areas: the First Exposure Playtest Hall (FEPH) - generally at table 14 - and Hall A: Black (although we may also be in other Hall A or Hall B areas close by). Look for a banner with the Rurik art on it (shown below).

The First Exposure Playtest Hall is in rooms 107 - 110.

Look for a banner with this art on it.

We have a few event slots left for Rurik: Dawn of Kiev. Get your tickets now to play an early demo for this upcoming 4X realm building game set in 11th century Kievan Rus' and featuring auction programming (brand new mechanic), resource management, and area control.

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Rurik Demos at Gen Con

Gen Con events for our upcoming euro-style game Rurik: Dawn of Kiev are live and selling out quickly! Get your tickets now to play early demos for this upcoming 4X realm building game set in 11th century Kievan Rus' and featuring auction programming (brand new mechanic), resource management, and area control. Sign up for our mailing list for game updates.

Near-final box illustration for Rurik by Finn McAvinchey.
Playtest of Rurik, a 4X realm building euro-style game set in 11th century Eastern Europe.

Demo New Games at Origins!

Kirk will be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH from June 14-18 to show off several upcoming games, including Gearworks, Rurik: Dawn of Kiev, and Door Number 3 (more info coming soon). If you are attending and would like to meet up and play a game, please email us or Tweet at us! Click images for more game details.

Box art (left) and card back art (right) for Gearworks. Steampunk strategy card game with a "twist" on area control.
Playtest of Rurik, a kingdom building & "auction programming" game set in 11th century Eastern Europe.

BGG Con Success & Out of Stock

Top 10 games from BGG Con & Flag Dash in The Hotness.

BGG Con: We had tremendous success as Flag Dash was voted the #1 game of the show! As a result, Flag Dash was prominently featured in The Hotness on BoardGameGeek for 12 days (4 days in the top 5).

Out of Stock: We are now sold out of Flag Dash until the reprint is available again in the Spring 2017. Limited copies are still available from select friendly local game stores.

We do still have limited quantities of the Deluxe Upgrade Pack available in our store.

Limited Stock & BGG Con

Demoing Flag Dash at Gnome Game's annual Thanksgaming.

BGG Con: We are demoing Flag Dash at booth 828 with Bob's Weekend Wonders all weekend. Stop by for free dice and to enter our raffle for a free copy of Flag Dash!

Limited Quantities: We have only a few cases of Flag Dash left and anticipate selling out before December. Get your copy today from your FLGS or order from our store before we sell out!

Rulebook Translations: We will soon have Spanish and German rulebooks available for download.

Tom Vasel Reviews Flag Dash

Click image to watch Tom Vasel review Flag Dash!
Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower posted his review of Flag Dash today - it earned his Seal of Approval! You can watch the full video on YouTube.

Highlights from Tom:
  • "the gameplay I was very, very pleased with"
  • "If you like capture the flag or... programming style games, [Flag Dash] is one that I would recommend."

KS Shipping & Gen Con

Plan. Outwit. Capture the Flag! Flag Dash turned out great with its vibrant artwork & custom wooden pawns that hold the flag!

1st Wave Shipping: All Flag Dash Kickstarter rewards & other pre-orders have shipped around the world. They should start arriving in the next 2 weeks!

Gen Con: Flag Dash will be released at Gen Con. We are running demos & selling Flag Dash at booth #2809 (3 booths "south" of The Dice Tower booth, when looking on map). Stop by to enter a raffle for Flag Dash & play a demo to get a free PieceKeeper Games die!

Retail Release: Flag Dash will be available at retailers in September. Reserve your copy at your FLGS today to make sure they placed an order! Alternatively, through the end of July you can still place a pre-order for 2nd Wave Shipping. Visit our store today and take advantage of free worldwide shipping.


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