The Long View Reviews Flag Dash

Geof Gambill of The Long View posted a fun podcast review of Flag Dash, featuring Elhannan Lloyd Keller. Flag Dash starts at 26:30. Consider subscribing to The Long View podcast.

Click to listen to The Long View episode (Flag Dash starts at 26:30).
  • "It's definitely a unique theme, good family game, great quality for a first design and first publication from PieceKeeper Games... I really thought it was very well done, very well produced, and a really fun family title."
  • "the more I played it, the more I liked it."
  • "It's a lot of fun. It's a quick game. It's very easy to learn."
  • "I definitely enjoyed it. I liked the way the characters are all slightly different and balanced well enough."

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Ultra PRO Licenses Flag Dash

Ultra PRO Entertainment and PieceKeeper Games are pleased to announce that Ultra PRO has obtained the exclusive worldwide license for Flag Dash. Under the partnership, Ultra PRO will handle publishing and marketing, and PieceKeeper Games will design further additions to the Flag Dash brand.

Ultra PRO is the leading manufacturer and supplier of gaming accessories, with over 50 years of history creating high quality products. This partnership further expands the board game product offerings of the newly created Ultra PRO Entertainment Division.

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BGG Con Success & Out of Stock

Top 10 games from BGG Con & Flag Dash in The Hotness.

BGG Con: We had tremendous success as Flag Dash was voted the #1 game of the show! As a result, Flag Dash was prominently featured in The Hotness on BoardGameGeek for 12 days (4 days in the top 5).

Out of Stock: We are now sold out of Flag Dash until the reprint is available again in the Spring 2017. Limited copies are still available from select friendly local game stores.

We do still have limited quantities of the Deluxe Upgrade Pack available in our store.

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Man vs Meeple Reviews Flag Dash

Jeremy Salinas & David Waybright posted a terrific review video of Flag Dash today. Consider subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Click image to watch Jeremy & David discuss Flag Dash!
Jeremy: "I love the aspect that there is no luck in this game. It's purely strategic, it's purely tactical. There is a huge amount of strategic choices that you're making on your turn - which card to play, which priority to play it, and which character to activate with those two combination of components."

David: "Lots of extra little layers of strategy there with tokens and special abilities... It's a nice tight, little, quick game... Both the artwork and all of the elements in here are really nicely done."

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Limited Stock & BGG Con

Demoing Flag Dash at Gnome Game's annual Thanksgaming.

BGG Con: We are demoing Flag Dash at booth 828 with Bob's Weekend Wonders all weekend. Stop by for free dice and to enter our raffle for a free copy of Flag Dash!

Limited Quantities: We have only a few cases of Flag Dash left and anticipate selling out before December. Get your copy today from your FLGS or order from our store before we sell out!

Rulebook Translations: We will soon have Spanish and German rulebooks available for download.

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Photo Contest

We need "lifestyle photos" of Flag Dash being played by real people that will be featured on Wal-Mart & Amazon! Between now and Labor Day (Sep 5), take a picture of you & family or friends playing Flag Dash and send it our way! We will pick the winners on Sep 6.

Demoing Flag Dash to Adam & Stephanie from Meeple Talk (board game review show)!
Submission Rules/Guidelines:
  • Submit via Twitter, Facebook, or email by Sep 5 @ 11:59 pm CST.
  • Include people and Flag Dash, preferably with players actively playing & looking like they really enjoy it. Keep in mind these photos will be pretty small, so consider a close-up photo.
  • Only use components from base game (Deluxe components/characters sold on these websites).
  • Please use good judgment on what may be seen in the background and keep it family friendly.
  • All individuals in photo agree to grant PieceKeeper Games all rights to the photo.
Retail Release: Flag Dash will be available at retailers in September. Reserve your copy at your FLGS today! Or you can order from our store.

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Tom Vasel Reviews Flag Dash

Click image to watch Tom Vasel review Flag Dash!
Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower posted his review of Flag Dash today - it earned his Seal of Approval! You can watch the full video on YouTube.

Highlights from Tom:
  • "the gameplay I was very, very pleased with"
  • "If you like capture the flag or... programming style games, [Flag Dash] is one that I would recommend."

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KS Shipping & Gen Con

Plan. Outwit. Capture the Flag! Flag Dash turned out great with its vibrant artwork & custom wooden pawns that hold the flag!

1st Wave Shipping: All Flag Dash Kickstarter rewards & other pre-orders have shipped around the world. They should start arriving in the next 2 weeks!

Gen Con: Flag Dash will be released at Gen Con. We are running demos & selling Flag Dash at booth #2809 (3 booths "south" of The Dice Tower booth, when looking on map). Stop by to enter a raffle for Flag Dash & play a demo to get a free PieceKeeper Games die!

Retail Release: Flag Dash will be available at retailers in September. Reserve your copy at your FLGS today to make sure they placed an order! Alternatively, through the end of July you can still place a pre-order for 2nd Wave Shipping. Visit our store today and take advantage of free worldwide shipping.

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Pre-Orders & Website Redesign

Store: If you missed the Flag Dash Kickstarter, it's not too late to place a pre-order! Visit our store today and take advantage of free worldwide shipping.

Website Redesign: We finished our website redesign, thanks to the wonderful work from our web developer - Grant Dennison! Take a look around and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Production Underway: Flag Dash is currently being manufactured in Shanghai. Stay tuned for updates!

3 of the wooden pawns with 1 of the team flags from the latest manufacturing sample!

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