Photo Contest

We need "lifestyle photos" of Flag Dash being played by real people that will be featured on Wal-Mart & Amazon! Between now and Labor Day (Sep 5), take a picture of you & family or friends playing Flag Dash and send it our way! We will pick the winners on Sep 6.

Demoing Flag Dash to Adam & Stephanie from Meeple Talk (board game review show)!
Submission Rules/Guidelines:
  • Submit via Twitter, Facebook, or email by Sep 5 @ 11:59 pm CST.
  • Include people and Flag Dash, preferably with players actively playing & looking like they really enjoy it. Keep in mind these photos will be pretty small, so consider a close-up photo.
  • Only use components from base game (Deluxe components/characters sold on these websites).
  • Please use good judgment on what may be seen in the background and keep it family friendly.
  • All individuals in photo agree to grant PieceKeeper Games all rights to the photo.
Retail Release: Flag Dash will be available at retailers in September. Reserve your copy at your FLGS today! Or you can order from our store.


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