Lightning Giveaway

Do you like lightning? How about playing with deluxe wooden lightning bolts in your favorite games?

To build up some energy (see what I did there?) in advance of our upcoming Kickstarter launch for Gearworks, we're giving away some yellow and orange lightning bolts (your choice) to 5 lucky gamers! Just join our Gearworks Facebook group. Get an extra entry for joining our email list. We'll announce winners on Sunday, Sept 10 on the Facebook group!

Lightning bolts like these are included in Gearworks and are in the deluxe version of Flag Dash!

About Gearworks:
  • Steampunk strategy card game.
  • For fans of Sudoku.
  • Gorgeous art, captivating gameplay.
  • 2-4 players, 30-40 min, Ages 10+
Box cover and card back art for Gearworks!

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Gen Con Demos & Giveaways

If you will be at Gen Con, we'd love to see you and give you a little gift! We'll primarily be in two areas: the First Exposure Playtest Hall (FEPH) - generally at table 14 - and Hall A: Black (although we may also be in other Hall A or Hall B areas close by). Look for a banner with the Rurik art on it (shown below).

The First Exposure Playtest Hall is in rooms 107 - 110.

Look for a banner with this art on it.

We have a few event slots left for Rurik: Dawn of Kiev. Get your tickets now to play an early demo for this upcoming 4X realm building game set in 11th century Kievan Rus' and featuring auction programming (brand new mechanic), resource management, and area control.

Sign up for our mailing list for Rurik game updates.

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Rurik Demos at Gen Con

Gen Con events for our upcoming euro-style game Rurik: Dawn of Kiev are live and selling out quickly! Get your tickets now to play early demos for this upcoming 4X realm building game set in 11th century Kievan Rus' and featuring auction programming (brand new mechanic), resource management, and area control. Sign up for our mailing list for game updates.

Near-final box illustration for Rurik by Finn McAvinchey.
Playtest of Rurik, a 4X realm building euro-style game set in 11th century Eastern Europe.

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New Deluxe Wooden Pieces

We are pleased to introduce some fun deluxe wooden pieces you can purchase to upgrade your favorite board games! Have a train game with small trains? Our hefty trains will do the trick. Tired of basic cubes for energy or other resources? Look no further than our lightning bolts. Contact us for bulk pricing.

Chugga chugga choo choose from 8 colors of trains!
Electrify your board games with these lightning bits in 5 colors!

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Demo New Games at Origins!

Kirk will be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH from June 14-18 to show off several upcoming games, including Gearworks, Rurik: Dawn of Kiev, and Door Number 3 (more info coming soon). If you are attending and would like to meet up and play a game, please email us or Tweet at us! Click images for more game details.

Box art (left) and card back art (right) for Gearworks. Steampunk strategy card game with a "twist" on area control.
Playtest of Rurik, a kingdom building & "auction programming" game set in 11th century Eastern Europe.

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Gameboy Geek Teaches Flag Dash

Dan King (the Gameboy Geek) teaches how to play Flag Dash, including all player abilities, 2 and 3 player rules, and variants. Feel free to skip the rulebook with this great tutorial video of Flag Dash!

Click to watch Dan's tutorial!
Dan showing how to play (great idea to show pawns "laying down" for better visuals when teaching).

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Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast Reviews Flag Dash

Steve Spang of the Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast talked about Flag Dash on their latest podcast. Check it out!

Click to listen to the podcast! (Flag Dash at 22:20)

Highlights from Steve:
  • "Fun game, plays quickly"
  • "love [movement programming] in a game"
  • "Perfect for playing [at a coffee shop]"
  • "Very interesting balance on what actions you take."
  • The segment for Flag Dash starts 22 minutes, 20 seconds into the podcast.

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Flag Dash Releases Worldwide

Flag Dash, the family-friendly board game of capture the flag, is now available worldwide through all major distributors! Contact your friendly local gaming store to get your copy today. The 1st printing sold out quickly at conventions without distribution, so it is exciting for Flag Dash to finally be more accessible for players. Read on for what changed from the 1st to 2nd printing.

Flag Dash received Tom Vasel's Seal of Approval!
Selling Points:
  • #1 Game at BGG Con 2016
  • Top 5 on BGG Hotness
  • 36k+ unique visitors on BGG
  • High praise from reviewers (Tom Vasel, Man vs Meeple, and others)
  • Movement programming mechanics
  • Must-have wooden components
Product Info:
  • Street Date: 5/15/17
  • SKU: UPE10052
  • UPC: 074 427 100 523
  • MSRP: $25

For more effective sell-through, feel free to use the Demo Rules to teach prospective customers in 10 minutes. This scenario has been very effective at teaching players and selling games at conventions and in-store events.

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Story Board Reviews Flag Dash

Angelus Morningstar from Story Board posted a great blog review of Flag Dash. Check it out! I (Kirk) had the privilege of meeting Angelus at GAMA in March.

Click to read Angelus' review!
Highlights from Angelus:
  • "this is my programmable game of choice"
  • "I also love the characters presented in this game. The artwork is jovial and friendly, but the character identities are charming too. I particularly love that ‘crazy cat lady’ is a viable option, and she is clearly throwing her cats at other players to drive them off as a player power. That is beautifully novel."
  • "[compared with other programmable games] you have a reasonable amount of reflexive adaptability... [that provides] agency over the game as it unfolds."

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Publishing Insights: Taxes

Now that we are 1 year past the completion of our first Kickstarter (Flag Dash), it's about time to start sharing some of the lessons that we learned throughout the process of designing and publishing our first game. I (Kirk) wanted to start with a time-sensitive topic that I see discussed infrequently: taxes.

I thought a board game business was about playing games..
I am addressing individuals who file their board game publishing business taxes on Schedule C with their personal tax return. I will start with some of the most valuable deductions I believe are often overlooked (in order of the largest tax savings for me in 2016) and then move on to specific line details.

Please note that I am not an accountant and what is listed below is my own perspective based on reading IRS documents. I am happy to help answer any questions via this blog or email (games [at] but consider hiring an accountant as needed.

Overlooked Deductions

  • Mileage Costs: $3,181

    When driving anywhere for the purposes of business, you can count the mileage driven as a business deduction. This can save you a lot of money on your taxes compared to just deducting your gas receipts (you can only deduct one or the other). However, many people find it overwhelming to record your business mileage accurately and easily (due to IRS rules) and settle for just claiming gas costs.

    Hopefully I can help make this process much simpler. I created a Mileage Log that satisfies all IRS rules and is pretty easy to use. I have now used it for 2 tax years and am ready to share it with others. Feel free to share with others and ask any questions.


    - Instructions: I put together detailed instructions in the "Instructions" worksheet.

    - Examples: I listed some examples to help get you started on the "Mileage Log" worksheet.

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